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rMIX  is the section in the portal of recycled plastics and the circular economy available to customers who wish to publish an offer, a request, a company profile or to contact customers who have posted anonymously their offers / related requests. to the world of recycled plastic and the circular economy.

Offers or requests may concern:

  • recycled plastic, in various forms (granules, ground, densified or bales)
  • recycled paper
  • recycled glass
  • recycled wood
  • recycled metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • recycled rubber
  • recycled fabrics
  • industrial machines and molds
  • products made from recycled materials
  • industrial services
  • technical or commercial or managerial consultancy
  • the distribution of products
  • job search and offer 

Publication of Offer / Request

If you want to publish an offer or request, send an email with your details, the text and the photo to be published.

There are no costs, but the text and image will be checked in advance to verify that they are in line with the spirit of the portal and to reduce the risk of fraudulent publications.

If you want your references, such as company name, email, link to your website, telephone number, contact person of your company and company logo, to appear in the post, in order to make you contact directly, you can take out an annual subscription.

Furthermore, with the annual subscription, you can keep your ad among the first visible in order to be more easily contacted.

Receive contacts of customers who have posted offers / requests anonymously

If you are interested in a product or service that appears anonymously in rMIX and you want to get in touch with the customer, you can send us an email with the offer / request code(maximum 5 per week).  If you have signed the annual contract we will send you the data for direct contact.

Your Company Profile

To highlight your company, you can open a showcase, through a dedicated profile in which you can enter a text of 300 words, the address, the website, company references and some photographs.

You choose the position of your profile within rMIX based on the category of business to which you belong and will always be visible at the top of posts by category.

Annual Subscriptions:

  • rMIX Base: Publication of up to 24 announcements per year, consisting of a text and a photo, with the announcements placed at the top. Euro 49.90 + VAT

  • rMIX Power: Access to anonymous ads customer contacts for one year (maximum 5 per week) . Euro 99.90 + VAT

  • rMIX Turbo: Publication of up to 24 ads per year, consisting of text and photos with the ads placed at the top and access to anonymous ads customer contacts for one year. Euro 189.90 + VAT

  • rMIX Profile: Publication of the company profile with a photo of the company or logo and a text describing the activity and products / services. Euro 49.90 + VAT

Automatic renewal at the expiry of the contract is excluded.

If you wish to purchase a package send us an email with your details and the name of the package and you will be contacted.

We are waiting for you on rMIX!

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