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Communicating with potential customers in your industry, on a regular and professional basis, is a way to grow empathy towards your company.

The Newsletter is a concise and precise tool that will allow you to reach about 10.900 contacts on a weekly basis operating in the world of recycled plastics, machines for plastics, distributors and service companies in the circular economy sector. 

It can also be shared on the social networks of the system: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, affecting about 10,300 subscribers to the platform, worldwide. 

The message is written in 4 languages, Italian, French, Spanish and English and sent to interested parties in their native language. 

The text and frequency of the Newsletter are decided by you and subsequently sent by us to the names on the portal. 

The Newsletter is normally indicated for the communication of an offer, a price list, a new product to sell or for a technical-commercial communication. 

If you already had your own Newsletter service you could increase your contacts by sending it, through our service, to about 8.100 contacts on our portal, in order to expand your potential customer base 

Interested customers will be able to contact you directly as there will be your contact details in the Newsletter.

Request a no-obligation offer. 

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