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Technical consultancy, marketing and sales in the world of regenerated plastic

    The company works to support the customer, manufacturer or distributor of reclaimed plastic polymers, machines, molds and finished products made of recycled plastic, offering commercial or technical or marketing advice. The main areas are:  
  • techniques: with advice on the recipes of regenerated polymers, depending on the product to be made, or the production cycles, from the waste to the final polymer, the transition from virgin plastic to regenerated plastic, the management of technical and laboratory tests on regenerated polymers and the management of disputes during production.
  • marketing: with advice on the proposition of companies on the market, Italian and foreign, with the evaluation of the distribution through agents or distributors, with the construction of online communication tools such as the site, the blog, the social networks, the portals and the fairs.
  • Off-line and on-line sales: with advice on the verification of sales data on goods or services and participation in the online sales market through the management of company positions on the primary channels of activity of the plastic sector.
TECHNICAL SERVICES:   The experience gained comes from twenty years of activity in the production of post-consumer and post-industrial regenerated polymers through the separation of plastic waste, selection, grinding, washing, optical separation of color-ground flakes, densification and granule extrusion. Furthermore, in accordance with the customer's production requirements, specific compounds were designed in technical and aesthetic terms. This experience is made available to the market in particular by accompanying customers to the migration from the use of virgin plastic to the regenerated one.   MARKETING and WEB MARKETING:   The internationalization of the company through the use of marketing levers in the regenerated plastic market has allowed us to refine positive experiences on the company position in the world of plastic. The consultancy offered concerns the study of the client's position according to his objectives, the monitoring of the effectiveness of the current communication tools and the implementation of corporate communication through the site, the blog, the social networks, the specialized portals and the fairs. If the customer wishes we can manage the communication and promotion part on the network.   SALES:   Sales activities can be analyzed by geographical areas, articles, production potential, contribution margins, cash flows so as to cross-reference marketing activities and find the best solutions for increasing sales according to the possible parameters.

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