HDPE post consumption

HDPE granules come from sorted household waste, in particular, detergent bottles for extrusion or lids and multiuse crates for moulding.

The bottles are collected, ground, washed, separated by optical reader machinery and extruded in compliance with solutions which consider low PP % (normally within 2%), the density, an excellent filtration ranging from 60 to 100 microns and the final colouring of the granule according to the client’s request.

There are light-coloured granules (with whites, reds, yellows, blues, etc.) and dark-coloured granules with different shades.

They are used to produce detergent or industrial bottles with a 0.5 to 20-litre capacity, 100% or mixed with virgin materials, corrugated and smooth pipes with solutions for outdoor and indoor walls, film with an LLD-virgin compound producing thicknesses of 10-15 micron, flexible membranes, profiles, etc.

As regards HDPE for moulding, different colours of granules can be produced, from MFI 2 to MFI 8, with filtrations depending on the end product to be moulded.

Once more the processing cycle involves grinding, washing and then extrusion.

Packaging in BB of 1200 Kg.