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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Arezio Marco: Supply Service of Recycled Polymers for Plastic Pipes

The Arezio Marco company specializes in providing services and consultancy on raw materials in the field of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics.

In particular, it offers customers who produce plastic pipes a service of supply of recycled polymers for most of the types produced, whether they are corrugated or smooth pipes.

Fully integrated in the path of the circular economy, the company supports the producers of LDPE, HDPE, PP and PVC pipes in the supply of the most suitable recycled polymers for the individual productions, taking into account the types of tubes to be extruded, the mechanical characteristics required, the expected colors, the quality level expected by the customer, the market in the correct relationship between quality and price.

The choice of the correctness of the material to be used in the production of the pipes starts from the analysis of the production of the recycled polymer, from its selection, from the type of plastic waste used, the type of washing and the extrusion and filtering systems.

This involves the exchange with the tube manufacturer of a series of information to define, at the origin of the supply, the most suitable type of recycling family, that is if the material must come from post-industrial or post-consumer waste.

Next we will analyze the types of tubes to be produced, corrugated or smooth, the diameters, the thickness of the walls, if they are single or double layer, if the double wall requires different polymers, such as operating pressures, the required mechanical strengths, the odor gradient of the polymers, or its total absence and finally the colors.

By collecting this information, Arezio Marco can provide the right answers, shared with the customer, on the types of granules to be supplied. Let's see the product range offered:

Recycled granules for rigid PVC pipes and fittings

The supply may concern the recycled raw material suitable for the production of smooth, non-pressure tubes with thicknesses between 1.8 mm. up to 7 mm. with shades on customer's request. The polymer is normally used in the machine 100% without the need for corrections. You can opt for standard recipes or for compounds with recipes designed specifically for the customer. Even in the choice of colors, the RAL of the color requested by the customer can be reached. With the same principle we supply granules for the molding of fittings for tubes that have the same characteristics as the above mentioned tubes:

Recycled granules for corrugated and smooth flexible pipes in Soft PVC

In the field of recycled flexible PVC we supply granules from the processing of post industrial waste suitable for the extrusion of corrugated pipes, especially for the electrical sector and for the extrusion of smooth pipes for water, in the gardening sector or small elastic pipes for the agricultural sector.

Recycled granules for corrugated HDPE pipes and fittings

The HDPE corrugated pipes sector includes the sewerage sector, the pipes that house telecommunication or electrical cables and the drainage systems sector. The pipes, according to their destination, have different diameters and thicknesses, they can be single-walled or double-walled, in dark or light colors or both. All these variables correspond to different recycled polymer solutions, with more or less low MFI, different extrusion filtrations based on the thickness of the tubes to be made, light, dark or neutral color bases depending on the final shade to be obtained and possibly the mineral fillers. , talc or calcium carbonate if required. The right recipes are also suggested for the fittings according to the pipes to be combined.

Recycled HDPE granules for smooth pipes and fittings

The smooth HDPE pipe is used in both civil and agricultural construction for the transport of water. The recipes depend on the degree of pressure that the pipe must withstand, the absence of odors required or the tolerance level allowed, the type of pipe, whether in bars or rolls, the color and the required UV resistance. Like the pipe, the fittings will also follow the correct recipes, taking into account the general technical characteristics.

Recycled granules for polypropylene smooth and corrugated pipes

The recycled raw material is chosen according to the type of tube to be made. Normally for use in the sewerage sector, where the thickness of the pipe increases according to the increase in diameters, a PP granule from the recycling of raffia packaging can be used, while for smooth pipes, even of small diameters, it is possible to use prefers a neutral production waste that allows not to have any type of odor linked to post-consumer recycling and to create RAL colors.

Recycled LDPE granules for smooth tubes and inside corrugated tubes for cables

In the field of LDPE pipes, based on the diameters and thicknesses, granules deriving from separate collection are often used. Technically it is possible to extrude a pipe with post-consumption from domestic waste, but the inconstancy of the quality, which depends on the presence of polypropylene, pollutants of other plastics and the possible degradation of the material being extruded, we do not recommend its use if you want making a technically and aesthetically qualitative pipe. Both in the field of rigid and flexible LDPE pipes, to create a smooth surface, without micro bubbles, elastic and without cracks or small holes, we supply an LDPE granule that comes from industrial or commercial packaging waste. This collection chain does not come into contact with other plastics and therefore, being a mono product, it guarantees the quality of the input.

As regards small or very small diameter pipes, we evaluate the use of a post-industrial LDPE granule that derives from the processing of recycled petrochemical blocks. The product is composed of a 100% LDPE, neutral, without odors or contamination and is suitable for extrusion of small thicknesses. It also lends itself to compounds with HDPE for particular recipes.

Another application of the LDPE granule is that of the inner wall of the corrugated pipes through which the cables pass. The solidification between the HDPE layer of the corrugated part and the smooth internal LDPE layer requires a high quality of the granule. This must be elastic and, to be so, it must not contain polypropylene that can stiffen the laid skin, it must not contain unfused rigid parts, composed of extrusion residues or pollutants in the input.

See the Recycled Polymers for the pipes:

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