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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche -  Coronavirus: what will happen to the sharing economy?

The sharing of cars, bikes, houses and equipment in the post-pandemic period

Arriving by plane in a city, staying in a room in the house of an unknown person, going out taking a car-sharing car or a bicycle, will it seem strange to us? Probably yes, everything that was an achievement suddenly becomes a problem.

We lived in the world of sharing goods, where the value of the service obtained was the yardstick of the organization of our day, a ride, a car for a few hours, a scooter, a room for one night.

No more ownership of the property in use, no costs to be incurred in periods when it is not used, no ostentation of an alleged wealth, freedom to change the tool of the service every day, low costs and few responsibilities.

We have been coming for years when everything was purchased, stored, used, sometimes very little and then thrown away, not because it no longer worked, but because it was old and maybe the spare parts were out of production.

At the top of these limited uses was everyone’s dream, the car, which was parked in the garage, on average, for 90% of the time of its life, but it was preferred to have it as it guaranteed a feeling of freedom and independence of circulation.

And how to forget the dowry of every good family man had: the drill. How many were bought per family and how many holes were made in the wall? Very few. But to the cry << without drill how do you do? >> the manufacturers of these appliances have sold millions of pieces.

Today, where the mentality has changed and the use of property is privileged, for environmental reasons, circular economy, traffic rationalization, pushing to use the car, for example, only in the last short stretch of your journey, suggesting people travel by train for medium distances.

A new economy has therefore developed in recent years, made up of fleets of cars, often electric, scooters, bikes, scooters and, moreover, also in the accommodation sector, rooms are booked in the houses of ordinary citizens who host you, bypassing the hotels, to reduce the cost of accommodation and to meet new people.

But in this period in which the Coronavirus pandemic easily exposes us to contagion, where social distancing is today a fundamental requirement, where it is not yet known how long this virus can remain over time on the surfaces touched by a positive person, where homes and cars should be completely sanitized after each use, we ask ourselves how to behave in this suspended period.

We hope that with the advent of the vaccine, all these perplexities will remain a bad memory, as the Sharing Economy is a fundamental pillar of the circular economy and of the protection of the environment and, one can never think of adopting an economy model like the past one, where we continued to produce objects that were not fully used.

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