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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Ferrovie Nord Milano Launches a Transport Decarbonization Project

What FNM is planning is the realization of an integrated plan for the decarbonisation of public transport in the Lombardy region. This will take place through a collaboration with ENI, both in terms of the use of hydrogen for railway networks and to reduce CO2 emissions from means of transport with thermal engines.

In fact, FNM, the main integrated group in sustainable mobility in Lombardy, and Eni, confirming their respective commitment to decarbonisation, have signed a Letter of Intent with which they start a strategic collaboration aimed at speeding up the transition processes to new energy sources.

The letter of intent, signed by the President of FNM, Andrea Gibelli, and by the General Manager of Energy Evolution, Giuseppe Ricci, provides for the definition of possible collaborations and initiatives in following areas: the introduction of fuels and energy carriers capable of reducing CO2 emissions for thermal engines of means of transport; the introduction of models for the capture, storage or use of CO2 generated in hydrogen production processes for use in means of transport; the introduction of hydrogen distribution points for private road mobility.

The collaboration is also part of the H2iseO project of FNM and Trenord (a company owned by FNM), which aims to make Sebino and Valcamonica the first Italian "Hydrogen Valley" and aims to evaluate and implement a series of initiatives in the short and long term useful for achieving the decarbonisation targets of the transport sector set by the European strategy and the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate Italian.

“The agreement with Eni - comments the President of FNM Andrea Gibelli - is fully part of the path towards zero environmental impact mobility, promoted by FNM . The new mission of the Group, sanctioned by the guidelines of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, sees us committed to developing an integrated platform of mobility services, built according to criteria of environmental and economic sustainability.

In this context, an important role is played by the H2iseO project, which has a strong innovative charge and around which FNM is building a very important network of collaborations " .

“The collaboration with FNM - declares Giuseppe Ricci, General Manager Energy Evolution of Eni - constitutes an important step in the path of decarbonisation of transport in Lombardy.

Eni, leveraging its know-how and the range of technologies and energy products developed with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, will support FNM in this ambitious program, contributing to the achievement of the decarbonisation targets of the sector.

This agreement - concludes Giuseppe Ricci - demonstrates the importance of adopting a synergistic approach that promotes collaboration between various players in the sector and the use of decarbonised energy products for the development of sustainable mobility ".

Automatic translation. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Original article in Italian.

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