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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Large Diameter HDPE Pipes: Policonductos SA and Battenfeld-Cincinnati

The market for HDPE pipes is expanding the possibility of using the product compared to other types of materials such as concrete, metal or PVC. Thanks to the durability of the material, the ease of construction, cutting and ease of welding, HDPE offers the market of water discharge and transport, an additional weapon in the construction of water and sewage networks.

Today, as PT tells us, it is possible to produce and install HDPE pipes with a diameter up to 1600 mm with a completely simplified and highly effective production system.

The manufacturer of HDPE pipes, Policonductos SA, has purchased a complete line from Battenfeld-Cincinnati whose head allows the production of pipes of different sizes without the need for special modifications of the machine.

With this industrial plant, the company specializing in the production of HDPE pipes, is making pipes with diameters up to 1,600 mm. The key element of this large diameter tube line is the head, which has the largest adjustable distance ever produced allowing the production of tubes in a wide range of sizes without the need for line modifications.

The recently delivered machine allows an improvement of the maximum production extensions, which until now were only offered for tubes with diameters between 160 and 250 mm, 200-355 mm and 400-630 mm. The new head has taken the first step towards a completely new size range for pipes up to 1,600 mm in diameter.

The adjustment system is particularly simple when you want to produce tubes of different sizes on the line and respond flexibly and quickly to market demands. The head adjusts to a new tube size with the push of a button.

Another great advantage is the handling in the car. Especially with large pipes, a nozzle change would be required in a conventional line, which is not only a huge waste of time, but also a safety risk due to the size.

With this line for large diameter tubes, which in addition to being equipped with the new head for the tube, also includes a latest generation extruder, in addition to all components before and after the extrusion process itself, reaching a growing production rate of 2 t / h.

HDPE pipes with a colored stripe are produced for water supply, wastewater and mining applications, in a size range from 406 x 12 , 5 mm to 1,651 x 97.1 mm.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the possibilities that the new line offers us. Not only has it allowed us to expand our product range to include large diameter pipes, but we can now also implement without customers' individual demands in terms of pipe size, "said Homero Garza, general manager of Polyconducts.

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