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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Off Shore Wind: New 1.5 GW Project in the UK

The sector of electricity production through the use of wind farms is increasingly taking into consideration the environmental impact that these wind farms can give to the territory. The demands of communities that prefer to move these necessary green energy production plants to places that have less impact on the landscape are increasingly being considered. This is why Off Shore wind farms are growing, therefore in the open sea like the one that will be built by Total and Cig in the United Kingdom.

A 50/50 joint venture between Macquarie's Green Investment Group (GIG) and Total managed to secure the rights to a lease of the seabed in the eastern regions of the country.

The project, which will be located off the UK's east coast, could provide up to 1.5 gigawatts (GW) of renewable electricity and represents a significant initial investment in the UK offshore wind sector for both companies.

What are the goals?

  • Support meaningful employment opportunities and play a vital role in helping the UK achieve its ambitious zero emissions target.
  • To allow the two partners to expand into the UK, which is the most mature European market for offshore wind and offer constant growth prospects and a clear direction towards the market.

    Both GIG and Total are global renewable energy developers and investors and bring significant expertise, technical capabilities and a proven track record in energy development to the project. success.

GIG is providing nearly 50% of the UK's offshore wind capacity currently in use, while Total continues to build a strong position in offshore wind after its involvement in the 1.1 GW Seagreen project off the east coast of Scotland and in Erebus, a 96 MW floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea, leveraging its long-standing industrial activity in the UK.

GIG and Total are currently collaborating in South Korea to co-develop a major portfolio of floating offshore wind projects.

“Total is delighted to have received 1.5 GW as part of the fourth round of offshore wind leases from The Crown Estate with our partner GIG.

We continue to support the UK's energy transition goals. This project is our largest renewable energy development in Europe to date and an important step towards our zero-emissions ambition for 2050, "said Julien Pouget, Total Senior Vice President Renewables.

" This success builds on our historical experience in the UK offshore and is paving the way for the expansion of our renewable energy offering in the country in line with our strategy of becoming a broad-based company. "

Mark Dooley, Global Head of Green Investment Group, said: “With this investment, we continue our pioneering role in the UK energy transition and help establish offshore wind as the backbone of its new low-carbon energy system.

Based on our track record as one of the country's largest offshore wind lenders, this contract represents a significant increase in our industry engagement in the UK. This adds to our growing portfolio of renewable energy projects in Europe and grows our global positioning in the offshore wind sector to over 13 GW. "

Total and GIG have secured this lease with an annual option fee of £ 83k per MW / year, during the development phase. There will now be a regulatory assessment (HRA) of the possible impact of the project on the sites relevant natural areas in the assigned area. After the successful conclusion of this process, the final lease agreements will be signed in 2022.

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