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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Recycled PVC Powder or Granule: It Will Always Be As You Want It

Recycled PVC is made in a thousand forms for you, for your extruders or for your presses, in granule, ground or powder form, it is always at your disposal for your productions.

It puts itself at your service with a thousand different dresses, RAL or standard colors, popular or classy blends, which do not make you want to have other virgin polymers .

It always becomes whatever you want it to be:

• Tubes

• Profiles

• Doormats

• Fillets

• Accessories

• Self-locking blocks

• Windows

• Shoes

• Slippers

• Boots

• Water reeds

• Grids

• Threads for ligatures

• Angular

• Seals

• Waterproof membranes

• Safety tips

• Semi-finished products

• Manhole covers

• And much more

It adapts to what you want, it can be stiff or soft depending on what the situation requires, it can be transparent if you request it, without strange shadows or shades, or a thousand colors if you prefer.

But it also knows how to be strong and resistant like the granule, waiting for you to melt it and shape it according to your wishes, or as impalpable as the dust in which to leave your imprint or elusive like the flakes of ground  that resemble the confetti of your childhood.

Recycled PVC, in any form, walks with you, accompanies you in your working life, urges you to respect the environment, to reduce your carbon footprint , not to use oil-derived virgin polymers if possible, they make you proud to participate in the process of the circular economy, it teaches you to believe you can build a better world through recycling.

When you do something that you find socially useful, like making products out of recycled PVC, you do it for future generations too, maybe even your children, by teaching them that the reduction of consumption, recycling, reuse and the recovery of what would appear to be waste, are not negligible but essential factors for living in a less consumerist world, where everything you touch is burned, leaving only waste.

Automatic translation. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Article in Italian.

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