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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX Takes you Directly to Recycled Products

The circular economy is made up of finished products and raw materials, rMIX collects and promotes them

Plastic, metals, wood, rubber, glass, paper are all materials that we discard during our consumption and that can and must be recycled so as not to steal new natural resources from the earth.

In addition, the recycling of these waste solves the age-old problem of waste management by avoiding that, through reckless choices of a few people, these waste end up in the environment.

It is an ethical and social responsibility commitment to buy finished products made with recycled materials or use raw materials that come from recycling to produce its products.

Sometimes it is not easy to be able to identify articles that are made in a circular way and, at the same time, it is not easy for those who produce them following the canons of recycling, to be chosen by the end customer.

Today you can count on rMIX , the specialized platform in the world of recycling , which welcomes, free of charge or with annual contracts, your offers or requests for finished products made of recycled materials or recycled raw materials or machines that serve for their production or job offers or searches in the circular economy sector or companies that offer services and consultancy.

The final consumer can find the posts of companies that produce finished products made from recycled materials and producers can find the raw materials, machines and collaborations that are needed for their business.

Publishing an offer or request is simple and can be completely free, knowing that we will take care of your publications, translating them in 4 languages and making them available to subscribers (6100 in 154 countries in the world) and to all those who are interested.

Also rMIX has a service of free promotion as it offers the portal products and services worthy of note of the companies in the sector chosen by the editorial staff, at no cost, allowing a rapprochement between companies and the market in the recycling sector.

See the rules and discover the advantages.

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