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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rNEWS: Costellium Company Will Increase Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum recycling is a fundamental activity in the field of the circular economy, allowing products to be continuously put back into production at the end of their life. Even the French company Costellium, as A. Jadoul tells us, has decided to increase the recycling of aluminum in its production sites.

The aluminum group wants to increase its capacity by at least 60,000 tons per year to serve the packaging and automotive markets.

Constellium wants to increase its aluminum recycling volumes in Europe. The French group has announced plans to add at least 60,000 tons per year to its current capacities, which reach around 560,000 tons worldwide.

This production will be aimed at its customers in the automotive and packaging sectors. “Aluminum is the epicenter of several mega sustainability trends in our end markets for packaging, automotive and transportation.

As a result, our customers increasingly demand products that are produced in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe this investment will allow Constellium to expand its low carbon product offering to meet the needs of its customers ", says Jean-Marc Germain , CEO of the group.

Constellium plans to finalize the scope and location of the project by the end of 2021, based on engineering projects and obtaining required permits. Production is expected to begin within two years of starting construction. For now , the group's main can recycling unit is located in Neuf-Brisach (Haut-Rhin), France.

A closed circuit for cans

Experts recall that the aluminum cans of the most recycled beverage containers, "are endlessly reborn in a 'closed-loop' process that puts them back on the shelves in 60 days ".

"In the automotive and transport industry, aluminum helps advance green mobility by improving fuel economy, reducing CO2 emissions, increasing range of electric vehicles and improving safety, "they add. And to specify that aluminum is infinitely and easily recyclable, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still used today.

Aluminum processing group mainly present in the aeronautical, automotive and packaging sectors, Constellium achieved a turnover of 5.9 billion euros in 2019, with a workforce of 13,000 people and 25 factories.

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