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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rNEWS: New Versalis Elastomers for Bridgestone: In Search of a More Sustainable Mobility

Bridgestone's need to produce tires with an ever-increasing connotation of sustainability have led it to create an agreement with Versalis, a world leader in chemicals, with operating platforms for vanguard also in the chemical recycling sector.

Versalis, in fact, Eni's chemical company, leader in the production and marketing of elastomers, and Bridgestone EMIA, leader in the field of advanced mobility solutions, have signed a joint development agreement for research, production and supply of synthetic rubber with advanced properties.

The agreement is based on an Open Innovation model, i.e. a complementary activity between the Research and Development divisions of the two companies that will focus on the development of technologies and new grades of elastomers, including SBR - Styrene Butadiene Rubber, for the production of high performance tires.

Versalis will leverage the expertise of the research centers in Ravenna and Ferrara, while Bridgestone will involve its European Technical Center near Rome.

The elastomers produced by Versalis find application in the premium market segment, distinguishing themselves for properties that guarantee high performance of the tires in terms of handling handling on dry surfaces and wet grip.

They are also distinguished by being less subject to abrasion, which guarantees greater durability, resulting in a more sustainable product capable of reducing the long-term consumption of raw materials.

«With this agreement we combine our technological knowledge with those of Bridgestone, a world leader in the sector, to accelerate the development of grades and applications in tires in order to improve performance, starting from the raw material - commented Adriano Alfani, CEO of Versalis (Eni) - Having started a synergistic path with a partner of excellence in the supply chain will lead to a new innovative push in the sector and to the consolidation of a technical and high-value commercial ”.

«At Bridgestone we are well aware that innovative revolutions and sustainable mobility are not achievable without a collaborative process - said Emilio Tiberio, Technical and Operations Director of Bridgestone EMIA - We are happy to consolidate our partnership with Versalis and we are certain that the technology we will be able to create together will make the difference for our future productions ».

Automatic translation. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Original article in Italian.

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