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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rNEWS: Rossetti Marino Spa Acquires Green Methane

Important corporate movements can be seen in the field of clean energy production from alternative sources, such as agricultural processing waste and urban wet waste, called FORSU. As reported by Porto Ravenna, the Rossetti Marino Spa company has acquired 60% of Green Methane.

Rosetti Marino SpA . acquired 60% of Green Methane s.r.l. , a leading company in Italy in the design, construction and commissioning of plants for the transformation of Biogas into Biomethane .

The agreement for the takeover of Green Methane by Rosetti Marino was reached between the CEO of the Ravenna-based company, Ing. Oscar Guerra from a side and by Dr. Ferruccio Marchi and by Eng. Luigi Tomasi on the other, respectively, Presidents of the founding companies that sell Marchi Energia s.r.l. and Giammarco-Vetrocoke Engineering s.r.l ..

The transferring companies still maintain important stakes in the new corporate structure led by Rosetti Marino, who with his Group will make available to Green Methane the considerable skills and technical experience, managerial and organizational at its disposal.

The waste from agricultural processes and the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (FORSU) are the raw materials from which Biogas is generated , which therefore has a non-fossil origin and is mainly made up of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The Green Methane plants purify the Biogas from CO2 and produce a Green Methane with suitable characteristics, both for the introduction into the distribution network of the gas that reaches our homes, both for automotive.

Green Methane technology has been selected by the Ravenna Group because it produces Biomethane with a very high level of purity and because its plants - which are characterized by high efficiency and reduced operating costs - they are perfectly compatible with those of liquefaction of methane and generation of hydrogen from methane, already developed by Rosetti Marino through its subsidiary Fores Engineering srl

Furthermore, the CO2 separated from the Biogas is available at high purity and suitable for subsequent uses or destinations (CCU or CCS) without further treatment.

Rosetti Marino's declared goal is therefore to present itself to the market as an integrated contractor on the entire Biogas treatment line, guaranteeing, based on the needs of customers, plants for the production of Green Methane, also liquefied, and Green Hydrogen.

Furthermore, for the Ravenna Group, Green Methane technology also represents direct access to CO2 capture technologies, essential for achieving the objectives of carbonization dictated by the European Green Deal and the COP 21 Conference in Paris.

The Green Methane operation is therefore part of a wide-ranging entrepreneurial project, which aims to consolidate Rosetti Marino's position as a leading player in the plant engineering market for Energy, both in the present context of energy transition and in a future characterized mainly by the use of renewable sources and the circular economy.

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