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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rNEWS: Uzbekistan Acquires License to Produce LDPE / EVA from Versalis

The large producers of virgin raw materials continue to push for the increase of production of plastics all over the world. Faced with decreases in the consumption of fossil fuels due to the slowdown in world demand and the growth of renewable energy, the plastics market expands to countries where production was scarce, as reported by Versalis' communication of the new concession in Uzbekistan.

Versalis , licensed to Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd . a swing unit of low density polyethylene / ethylene vinyl acetate ( LDPE / EVA ) which will be built as part of the new gas to chemicals complex based on MTO - Methanol to Olefins technology which will be built near Karakul, in the Uzbek region of Bukhara. The plant is part of the project for the construction of a world-scale chemical complex of significant importance for the geographical area in which it will rise, Central Asia, both in terms of size and applied technologies.

Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd., one of the largest construction companies in the region, will act as licensee on behalf of the Uzbek company JV Jizzakh Petroleum LLC, owner of the 'LDPE / EVA unit is responsible for the management and operation, after construction, of the entire gas to chemicals complex.

The licensed plant will be based on Versalis-owned LDPE / EVA technology. The plant will be designed for a maximum production capacity of 180,000 t / y of EVA .

LDPE and EVA are polymers and copolymers of ethylene, characterized by a good balance between workability and mechanical properties. widely used in the production of materials with a wide range of applications, such as films, coatings, injection molds, packaging, medical devices, foams and base components for hot melt adhesives.

LDPE / EVA technology is part of the broader portfolio of polymer technologies offered by Versalis for the creation of high added value products.

Versalis' background and expertise in the licensing of its proprietary technologies is based on its consolidated research and development capabilities, as well as on its laboratory and testing capabilities pilot plants and large-scale operational experience at its manufacturing facilities.

This knowledge strengthens Versalis' actions aimed at supporting and assisting its licensees in achieving their specific needs, from project development to operational phases.

The contract was acquired by Versalis in collaboration with ECI Group , a US company specialized in improving the life cycle of plants, which provides design, engineering, procurement, construction, technology and consultancy services focusing in particular on polyolefin plants. ECI Group includes Engineers and Constructors International (USA), Simon Carves Engineering Ltd. (UK) and International Technical Excellence Center (USA).

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