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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rPET in Granules for Food Contact: the Arezio Marco Company in South America

The world of packaging has undergone a huge change in recent years and, especially, that of beverage seemed to be the least willing to go along with the logic of using recycled raw materials.

Surely, since it is material for food, the steps have been deliberately slow and thoughtful, following, on the one hand, the pushes of consumers who asked for more sustainability in water bottles and soft drinks, but, on the other hand, the need to ensure that the recycled PET material has the characteristics certified for food contact.

We can say that a team effort has been made between the recyclers of PET bottles who have, in fact, refined the collection by introducing the mono-plastic channel in PET, the machine manufacturers who have developed treatment plants that allow a "sterilization" of the granule produced and the certification bodies that have developed control systems to create guidelines, through which the waste could become a new certified raw material for Foods.

The Italian consultancy firm, Arezio Marco, was involved in a supplier evaluation and distribution project of certified rPET granules for food in South America , providing the customer with support for the correct selection of global suppliers and in the management of functional technical specifications for end customers.

The conveyed material is neutral in color, in granules, and is suitable for the production of food packaging in which it is necessary to store food and liquids for consumption by the population.

The countries initially interested were Chile and El Salvador which will be a sort of “bridgehead” for future expansion in Latin American countries.

Accredited suppliers have an availability of rPET of constant quality, both in mechanical characteristics, in purity and in color.

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