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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - The Density of Plastic Creates Its Bad Luck in Our Society

It is certainly a provocation to say that some types of plastic, such as PET bottles, HDPE bottles and other types of plastic packaging, for thanks to their density, they are destined to float and, therefore, to attract the anger, understandable if you don't know the problem, of those who give life to plastic free movements.

It is always a provocation to say that if the specific weight of plastic products were different and, like other packaging materials, went to the bottom, we would probably be deluding ourselves that, not seeing them float, there is no real environmental problem.

Not only are these two provocations, but an insult to human intelligence, thinking of doing like the ostrich, putting your head in the sand to hide the problem.

But in reality the emotional effect of the plastic islands floating in the seas has given rise to an aversion to the product, without thinking what happens below the buoyancy of the seas and how did all that plastic get there.

Metal bins, glass bottles, car bodies, washing machines, mobile phones, cable scraps, wheels, televisions, tires, fishing nets, waste appliances , metal pipes, fittings, chairs, tables, sofas, chandeliers, ceramics, rubble, construction waste and many other products, are regularly discharged into the sea every year.

Do we see them? No, unless we dive with a small deep submarine and go to see the disasters that man makes, the stupidity and ignorance of mankind.

Of the millions of tons of waste that enter the sea every year, it seems that those visible are only 1%, as they float or they are beached by currents and tides, while 99% is deposited in the seabed.

But returning to the plastic free movements, all these products that lie in landfills at the bottom of the sea are not normally mentioned, it is not founded a movement “free glass bottles” or a “free tire” or a “free televisions” , what is not seen does not impact emotionally and has no audience, it does not move the crowds.

But if we changed the density of the materials in order to make all the plastic sinkable and all the other waste float, perhaps the seas they would no longer be navigable and we would no longer hurl ourselves against plastic, which we would not see, but with all products made with different materials, such as iron, aluminum, glass, steel, rubber, copper….

But if the seabed is full of waste other than plastic and the surface of the seas and beaches are full of plastic, whose fault is it? What's the point of picking on a single product when the seabed contains much more garbage of a different nature than what is seen on the surface?

The problem is the absurd incivility of man who uses rivers, seas and oceans as landfills, thinking of solving a waste problem in his home , and then eat them back through the food chains.

Where is the intelligence of the race superior to animals?

Automatic translation. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Original article in Italian.

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