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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - The Italian Recycled ABS Granule Conquer Brazil

The mastery of the production of Italian recycled technopolymers is combined with the Brazilian production of technical items which, until recently, were printed exclusively with virgin raw materials.

The conquest of the Brazilian market of the Italian ABS started from the assignment received by the consulting firm Arezio Marco in the research and selection of producers of recycled technical polymers, which could guarantee production performance and technical and aesthetic quality on finished products, like a product made of virgin polymer.

The consultancy firm on recycled polymers Arezio Marco, carried out a task of selecting the producers and verifying the quality, by collecting information on the sources of supply of post industrial waste and on granule production systems.

He followed the approval process of the chosen ABS product, in the form of granules, which passed through preliminary physical and chemical analyzes, small-size sampling for laboratory molding tests and, subsequently, an industrial sampling suitable for the production of a series of finished product samples to be sent to laboratory tests.

In addition to the mechanical characteristics tested, the finishing characteristics of the product were verified, with the analysis of the quality of the surfaces, of the color and of the degree of gloss required . Furthermore, the degree of odor that a post-industrial recycled polymer could emit was tested.

The tests gave positive results, cataloging the recycled ABS granule from post industrial waste suitable for quality in the production phase and on the final product, thus being able to be authorized to in-line production.

The Italian recycled polymer, therefore, has begun to cross the Brazilian borders allowing the industrial consolidation between Italy and Brazil, favoring the circularity of the economy and the reduction of waste in the environment.

Automatic translation. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Original article in Italian.

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