Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Steel and Tungsten Carbide Knives for Abrasive Waste

We supply 485x100x22 knives for mills with rotation which have the characteristic of being made of steel with hardness 35 HCR and tungsten carbide inserts, with hardness from 750 HV30 up to 1650 HV10 (Vickers hardness) , which are recommended for grinding abrasive materials such as filled plastics, electronic waste, tires, plastics with fibers, polyethylene for greenhouses or agricultural sheets, PET or traditional non-abrasive materials that allow the knives to last much longer over time.

The knives are compatible with the following machines: Vecoplan, Herbold, STF, Zerma, Wagner, Weima, Hosokawa Alpine, Folcieri, Lindner. 

The advantages are:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Less dust
  • Reduction of machine vibrations
  • Reduction of machine downtime due to blade replacement
  • Lower risks you break
  • Longer life of parts with lower maintenance costs

Product description:

Rotor knife: 485x100x22

Carbide inserts with blade: 50 ° / 45 ° / 7 °

Side angles: 2x4 ° -2xLH-2xM10

Pieces: 14

Code: MA-RMD0485-H5J00

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