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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Cutter for tubes of different types of polymers

Pipe cutter with Brushless motor that acts directly on the blade holder arm.

In the wide range of blades, our technicians choose the most suitable by choosing the most suitable for the type of material, shape, consistency, temperature, speed, in order to always obtain a perfectly orthogonal cut without "burrs".

Our cutting systems can be positioned:

  • directly in the extrusion line
  • in “recovery”, feeding the system by means of coils, coils or bars.

Our automatic machines are suitable for:

  • Industrial environments and materials.
  • Medical environments and materials.

We design and produce automatic cutting systems for elastomers, with hardness of 95 Shore A, to arrive at plastic profiles with hardness of 70 Shore D, after an appropriate pre-heating of the product.

All our machines are Semi-custom and cut plastic materials, sheaths, pipes and profiles such as: PVC - PE - PP - PA12 - PC - ABS - PC / ABS - PS - NORYL - EVA - POM - POLYURETHANE PUR - THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER - PP / EPDM - SEBS - SILICONE, with different shapes.

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