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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - PP/PE Recycled Granules with 50% PP

The recycled PP/PE granules come from the separate collection through the separation of rigid and semi-rigid plastic packaging, the grinding the washing with the double passage through the turbo wash and the washing in the tub by decanting and the subsequent extrusion and coloring of the granules.

The grain has an important HDPE presence that helps both the final product in terms of flexibility and resistance, and during extrusion for granulation to prevent the material from degrading due to the melting temperatures of the polypropylene part.

Technical features:

MFI: 5-7 at 230°/2.16 kg. (ISO 1133)

Density: 0.93-0.94 gr./cm3 (ISO 1183)

Izod: 50 J/m (ASTM D 256-93a)

Flex elastic module: 970 N/mm2 (ASTM D 790-96a)

Traction elastic module: 900 N/mm2 (ISO 527)

Filtering: 600 microns

Percentage of PP: 50%

Percentage of HDPE: 26-30%

Percentage of LDPE: 15-24%

Colors: you can color granules in dark colors

Mineral charges: within 2%

Stamping – Cylinder temperature: 190-250 °C (ASTM D 648-96)

Stamping – Mold temperature: 30-60 °C (ASTM D 1525-96)

Stamping – Drying temperature: 90 °C

Stamping – Drying time: 3 hours

Packaging: BB from 1250-1300 kg.

Availability: 100 ton month

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