LDPE | Smooth Pipes
Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - LDPE for irrigation pipes

Recycled LDPE granules consisting of post-industrial and post-consumer waste, the input of which is composed of selected film.

The material collected, ground, washed, densified and extruded with a filtration of 100 microns. The mixture of post-industrial waste and films from the differentiated collection allows the production of a grain without gas inside that gives the product good flexibility.

Technical features:

MFI: 0.8-1 at 190°/2.16 kg. (ISO 1183)

Density: 0.9-0.91 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)

Filtering: 100 microns

Color: black with 1% carbon black

Packaging: BB from 1300 kg.

Availability: 100 Ton month

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