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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - PMMA Regrind: Neutral, Recycled by Automotive

The PMMA grind comes from the processing of the production waste of the automotive sector that is recovered, selected by color and reused to make recycled compounds.

The material is clean and free from contamination.

Technical features: 

Density: 1.18 gr./cm3 (ISO 1183) 

MFI: 14.5 at 230 ° / 3.8 Kg. 

Melting temperature: 200 ° C 

Shrinkage on molding: 0.2-0.6% (ASTM D-955) 

Yield Strength: 65 MPa (ISO 527) 

Elongation at break: 5% (ISO 527) 

Elastic modulus: 3100 MPa (ISO 178) 

Compressive Strength: 97 MPa (ISO 604) 

IZOD: 1.8 KJ / m2 (ISO 180) 

Fire behavior thickness 3.2: class HB (UL 94) 

Neutral color 

Packaging: BB of 1000 Kg. 

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