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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Production of Recycled PP (polypropylene) Granules from Big Bags

We are a plastic recycling company that purchases clean scrap from reputable suppliers and produces high quality plastic granules.

Our production facilities are located in the modern 7,000 m2 factory (4000 m2 inside and 3000 m2 outside), located in Turkey.

We also have the ISO 14001-2015 certificate

We are specialized in the production of Polypropylene (PP) and we customize our production according to the needs of our business partners. & Nbsp;

We produce between 600 and 700 tons of pp waste (mainly big bags) per month .

We remove the inner liners of the BBs during the process for this reason our homo polypropylene is free of LDPE. We have a continuous production of black, blue, green and non-colored granules.

We can also produce other colors according to your requirements.

The MFI rate of our re-granulates varies between 6-9

Packaging: BB 1200-1300 Kg.

Provenienza: Turchia

Code: 115

Request more information quoting the offer code in the email.

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