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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX: Double Wall Corrugated Pipe in Recycled HDPE

Corrugated pipe in recycled HDPE (recycled plastic) with double wall for cable passage, black color.

The coextruded colored bands allow the multiple laying of pipes inside the same trench, being able to customize the color according to the dedicated service.

The standard color for electric cables passage is light gray, for gas pipes passage it is yellow, for telecommunication cables passage it is blue.

Technical features :

Use: Gray band: protection of LV electric cables and M.T. (low and medium voltage); yellow band: gas pipe protection; blue band: telephone cable protection

Crushing resistance: 450N - Standard EN 61386-1 / 2008 and EN 61386-24 / 2010 series N (IIP and IMQ certified)

Constitution: Additional UV additives

Radius of curvature: 15 times the outer diameter

Application limits: -50 ° C / +60 ° C

Packaging: Rolls of 50 meters (ø 200mm rolls of 25 meters) or bars of 6 meters

Accessories: Junction sleeve + polypropylene / polyester feeder

Installation: Underground in trench

Warranty: More than one year from the production date indicated on the tube

Electrical stiffness Excellent

Origin: Italy

Code: 232

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