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Code: 264 . Law firm specializing in the legal aspects of sustainability in the fashion field.

Sustainable business

The choice of sustainability by a company brings with it the need to equip itself with tools to ensure that the desire to "do business in a sustainable way" materializes truly in a lifestyle of the company itself, in all its aspects.

Here, specialized law becomes the useful tool to allow the company to exercise control over strategic aspects of sustainability, through the mapping of the company and the consequent identification, assessment and management of legal risk, in order to proceed with its elimination, or at least its reduction.

The law firm uses legal risk assessment techniques (so-called Legal Risk Management), with a systemic approach: it does not involve only the single business reality, but also all the companies that are in some way connected, as they are part of the production chain . Even in terms of sustainability, it is in fact essential not to stop at the single company but to look at the entire process. ;

Environmental sustainability

The law firm, for environmental sustainability purposes, uses Legal Risk Management to:

The drafting and implementation of the organization and management model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, through the analysis of the company's decision-making processes in the environmental sector;

control of the production chain through the contractual regulation of relations with sub-suppliers.

Social sustainability

Alongside environmental sustainability, social sustainability plays an increasingly important role, i.e. doing business considering the impact that the activity has on its employees and on social context, therefore in relation to the territory, local institutions and citizenship. The law firm proceeds with the evaluation of all these aspects by mapping the company itself.

In particular, the law firm proposes to create a Code of Ethics that includes principles and rules of conduct that protect all stakeholders of the company and that can become the company's social sustainability program.

Origin: Italy

Code: 264

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