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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX: Mineral Solutions for Wood Pulp, Paper and Cardboard

Code: 249 . Paper producers today are under increasing pressure not only to keep costs down and improve the quality of the finished printed product, but also to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

The company provides high quality natural mineral solutions for every step of the pulp, paper, cardboard and printing process, from deposit control agents and from water circuit treatments to affordable TiO2 extenders and easy-to-recycle barrier coatings.

The products are suitable in these stages of processing:

  • as pitch and tack control agents
  • for the treatment of process water and effluents in the production of de-inked paste.
  • for the reduction of energy consumption in the production of linerboards.
  • to improve optical and printability properties unmatched in magazines and brochures.
  • as an excellent mineral base for recyclable fiber panels.
  • to improve the optical properties of opaque offset papers.
  • to maintain the gloss in the printing paper finishes.

Origin: Italy

Code: 249

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