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Code: 253 . Sustainability: our growth and development driver.

The company is a company that deals with transport and logistics in a dynamic and multifaceted, with branches in Piacenza, Lodi, Catania, Palermo, Genoa, Milan, Corinto, Barcelona, Valencia, Rades and Vantaa.

We offer customized solutions in all areas of expertise: from fashion to large-scale distribution, from automotive to beverage, from real estate to e-commerce.

As a logistics provider, partner of many leading companies, we aim to constantly improve by offering services that meet the highest standards of sustainability, reducing our environmental impact on a daily basis .

In transport, intermodality is emblematic of this constant effort. The long distances are delegated to naval and rail transport, more sustainable than the traditional one. We take advantage of the extensive international network to reach every destination from the North to the South of Europe and across the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the flexibility of the road sections we can reach any destination.

A latest generation vehicle fleet minimizes the environmental impact: 100% electric tractors for city logistics, LNG for the most long trucks and EURO VI trucks to complete our fleet.

In the warehouses, we aim to maintain our consistency with a sustainable development strategy:

• energy efficiency

• the constant search for the most advanced design and construction techniques

• proactive contracts with suppliers to ensure their effort in adopting strategies and technologies that significantly reduce consumption and the production of emissions

• the continuous monitoring and evaluation of our performance and that of our activities.

In all our main facilities, photovoltaic systems have been operating for more than a decade, making us partly self-sufficient thanks to ethical and clean energy.

Origin: Italy

Code: 253

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