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Code: 247. Production of recycled cotton yarns

The textile industry at all levels of the chain production and trade is facing enormous environmental and resource challenges, especially natural ones. 63% of textile fibers derive from petrochemical products, the production of which gives rise to significant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the remaining 37% is dominated by cotton.

From the environmental point of view, the further you go down the processing and finishing chain (dyeing, finishing, printing, etc.), the greater the impacts in terms of emissions and use of pollutants.

The reuse and recycling of fabrics on a large scale could potentially reduce the production of virgin textile fibers.

It is easy to understand how recycled cotton yarns represent an excellent solution and a valid alternative to more polluting materials. Cotton recycling is generated from two primary sources: the so-called "Pre-consumer" and "Post-consumer".

Origin: Italy

Code: 247

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