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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX: Production of Recycled Wood Blocks for Pallets

Code: 262 . Production of recycled wooden blocks for the construction of pallets for logistics.

The company has decided not to cut trees obtained from deforestation, but to have a process productive that could have its beginning from the end of another.

The incoming wood is made up of waste and wood waste which, thanks to the latest technologies available to the company, is cleaned, dried and processed to form the pallet block.

We have chosen not to use virgin wood from the felling of trees, but wood for packaging and pruning from the agricultural sector, from the maintenance of forests, parks , gardens and, finally, from separate collection in the various ecological islands.

The raw material is treated in a plant that removes all impurities, refines it to the required particle size, dries it (using fumes at 200 ° C from the thermal plant ) and the mixture with thermosetting glues.

The subsequent forming process takes place, depending on the type of block, by means of extrusion presses or single-shaft presses.

This is a product that offers countless advantages compared to pallet blocks obtained by cutting virgin wood cores.

Origin: Italy

Code: 262

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