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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX: Self-locking PVC Floor Recycled from Cable Sheaths

Code: 261 . Self-locking recycled PVC flooring

Totally new ecological recycled self-locking flooring. Created by processing entirely recycled plastic material, it can be defined 100% ecological. It is produced using the PVC of the electrical cable sheaths.

The manufacturing and supply color of the self-locking is gray. This innovative self-locking is made of recycled material and can have different shades of color (always in gray tones). The self-locking recycled plastic floor can be painted with a water-based acrylic enamel after installation. ;

Three juxtaposed hexagons make up the geometric shape of the product which may or may not have an inclined bevel along the entire perimeter of the upper surface. The upper face of the self-locking device can be textured or smooth without drawings.

Both models are non-slip and resist the use of salt in the presence of snow and / or ice. This self-locking floor made of recycled plastic is supplied on 15 sqm footboards. of material each.

The installation is practical and fast. 

On the well beaten surface and with the relative slopes it is necessary to spread only 4/5 cm of sand and after leveling of the same lay the self-locking without leaving space between the elements.

It is not necessary to have a concrete slab on which to spread the sand. There is absolutely no need to leave any gaps between one element and another.

By placing it as described and taking advantage of their perfect interlocking, the annoying growth of the grass is avoided. To complete the installation of the self-locking recycled plastic it is necessary to perform a vibrated roll. These self-locking can be cut with the flexible widia disc to square the surface.

The self-locking floor in recycled plastic born as industrial flooring, has found the most varied uses thanks to its extreme versatility also in the field of urban and civil furniture.


1MQ : 18 pieces

Weight of 1 piece: about 3.5 kg

Weight per sqm .: 63 kg approx

Thickness: 6.2 cm


  • parking also for heavy vehicles
  • driveways
  • pedestrian areas
  • cycle paths
  • play areas for children despite not being an anti-shock flooring

Provenance: Italy

Code: 261

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