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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - Scraps of WPC (Wood Plastic) Sheets

WPC, plastic / wood waste plates, available for grinding and reuse. The material has the following characteristics:

Density: 1.17 gr./cm3 (ISO 1183)

Flexural strength: 29 MPa (ISO 178)

Elastic modulus in bending: MPa 3900 (ISO 178)

Tensile strength: MPa 20 (ISO 527)

Elastic modulus in traction : MPa 4600 (ISO 527)

Elongation at break:% 0.98 (ISO 527)

Charpy impact strength: KJ / m2 5.65 (ISO 179)

Packaging: Bales

Availability: 200 Ton

Origin: Italy

Code: 167

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