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Corporate communication through newsletters is a system increasingly used by companies both to inform their customers on a regular and continuous basis, but it is also a very effective means of reaching new potentials customers in the sector of your expertise.

The newsletters of the portal of recycled plastic and the circular economy Arezio / PlastiCare have three different types communication:

  • The Personalized Newsletter that speaks only of your company, your project, your news or your professional anniversary, which is sent to the members of the portal (about 8100 in 154 countries around the world) with the aim of increasing the audience of its customers. The text is provided by the customer and the portal paginates and translates it into 4 languages for shipping.
  • The Share Newsletter reserved for customers who already have their own company newsletter shipping service using our service "Share" to have their newsletter delivered to subscribers of the Arezio / PlastiCare portal (about 8100 in 154 countries around the world). The newsletter is redirected as it was prepared by the customer both graphically and in terms of content.
  • The Flash Newsletter provides for the presence of a message from the customer within the weekly newsletter that the Arezio / PlastiCare portal sends to its members (about 8100 in 154 countries in the world). The message can be a photo of a product, service or company logo with a link to your site. Or it provides a promotion title, active, which refers to the company website or to a file or to an email. Fast, Effective and Economical.

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