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Sometimes your company may need to communicate, in depth, to a specific market such as the circular economy, topics or news that deserve space and images.

The sponsored article is indicated both when you need to inform the market of an important event and when you need to make your business fully known.

This type of communication lends itself to broader texts of a few pages filled with photographs and resulting in an extremely complete and clear message.

There could be technical, business, commercial, financial or business strategy articles.

You, customer, will prepare your specific and personal articles which will be verified by us in a second time before their publication so that they fill within the correct parameters of a direct and useful communication.

The article will be published on the blog of the Arezio / PlastiCare portal and shared on the social networks of the system: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, involving about 10,300 subscribers to the platform.

It can also be sent, as a newsletter, to 6.000 contacts or more in the recycled plastic and circular economy sector and integrated, if you think it is useful, by your customer email bank. The article can also be sent to your exclusively.

The message is written in 4 languages: Italian, French, Spanish and English and sent to interested parties in their native language.

The publishing of the article can be repeated according to your needs.

Interested customers will be able to contact you directly as your contact details will be furnished in the article.

Request a no-obligation offer.

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