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Marco Arezio - Consulente materie plastiche - rMIX: Hose and Dripline for Irrigation

Code: 274. Heavy dripline hose with tablet dripper dedicated to irrigating multi-year and seasonal crops.

The turbulent flow dripper, characterized by large passages, allows the product a high resistance to clogging. The use of quality polymers ensures superior durability and high resistance to possible mechanical damage. 

The product is designed and manufactured according to quality standards higher and represents an affordable and affordable investment that guarantees superior performance at the same time.

The dripline uses a dripper that ensures long life and excellent performance in the most adverse conditions.

The article boasts the following features:

  • High resistance to accidental blows and / or impacts that allows for quick and easy installation (reducing drafting times and related labor costs , minimizing the risk of damaging the product);
  • High resistance to clogging thanks to the turbulent flow dripper characterized by large passages and optimized for multi-year applications;
  • Filter at the inlet of the dripper which ensures that sediment deposits do not enter the dripper;
  • Exit hole made with precision mechanical technology;
  • High efficiency allowing long lateral lines with high dispensing uniformity;
  • Excellent CV (Coefficient of Variation);
  • Blue line that allows easy identification;
  • Product identification code engraved on the tube;
  • Extrusion process with simultaneous insertion of the dripper that guarantees uniformity of the dimensional and mechanical characteristics (no welding, no smudging).

  • The dripline is ideal for irrigating permanent crops and seasonal such as:

    • Vitaceae (wine grapes and table grapes);
    • Oleaceae (olive tree);
    • Rosaceae (apple, pear, plum, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, almond, medlar, quince);
    • Rutaceae (orange, lemon, clementine, cedar, grapefruit, mandarin, lime, mapo, pomelo);
    • Corylaceae (core);
    • Juglandacee (walnut, pecan);
    • Actinidiaceae (kiwi);
    • Anarcadiaceae (pistachio, mango, cashew);
    • Punicaceae (pomegranate);
    • Ebanaceae (kaki);
    • Musaceae (banana tree);
    • Rubiaceae (coffee);
    • Sterculiaceae (cocoa)
    • Moraceae (fig);
    • Aracaceae (coconut palm, date palm);
    • Lauraceae (avocado);
    • Caricaceae (papaya);
    • Small fruits (blueberry, blackberry).

    Origin: Italy

    Code: 274

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